Thursday, May 3, 2012

Client Profile

This week, we had the pleasure of meeting one of our clients, Emma Cohen from Your Style Homes who was over in Sydney for fashion week. Emma who has modelled for 12 years, travelled the globe before starting her business with her husband and business partners.

BFL: How long have you been in this industry?

Emma: I have been in the property industry for two and a half years, however my role is running the marketing and design and these areas I have worked in for the past 10 years. Prior to my role with Your Style Homes I was the Marketing and PR Manager at the worlds first fashion branded hotel, Palazzo Versace. This was a great fit with my marketing experience combined with 12 years as a model.

BFL: What made you decide to have your own business?

Emma: My husband and I have always been very driven people and when a few close friends were talking about setting up a boutique development and renovation company, we just knew it felt right. Six highly motivated individuals all with complimentary skill sets and all driven to really make a difference. We work hard but love being in control of our own destiny and having the end result of producing beautiful homes. Hence Your Style Homes was born.

BFL: What are the biggest pleasures in doing what you do?

Emma: Using my creative side!! I love interior design and I love starting with a blank canvas and creating an environment that people are proud to call their home. Using colours and different fixtures, fittings, furnishings and landscaping to give a soulless environment, a personality of its own. I also enjoy working with different budgets and within that budget still being able to create a beautiful home no matter what the finances are. When the design part is complete I move onto the marketing side, designing and implementing the correct marketing campaign for the properties and working closely with Steph Adams to get the right feeling for the campaign.

BFL: Has having your own business changed your lifestyle in any way?

Emma: I am definitely the busiest I have ever been! But that is my own fault as I get so excited about what we have coming up and I can not help but get involved. Another big change is working so closely with my husband, whom might I add, I love. We are in the same offices and have several meetings every day. We have found a really good pattern of keeping the work side very professional, we really do make the effort to treat each other with the exact respect we would any other colleague. We also try to stop the work chat over dinner and ensure we have some "us" time. The other big change is that the business is always in my thoughts, but I guess that provides more opportunity for brilliant ideas.

BFL: Your interests outside of work?

Emma: Our lovely little 11 month old fairy princess of a daughter Arabella. She is amazing and makes me realise why life should be cherished. Her cheeky little smile really does light up the room. When I do find time I also love fashion. I love watching how new trends emerge and seeing how people pick them up and the fashion world is transformed within weeks. I would have loved to of been a fashion designer myself and I have worked very closely with some of Australia's best designers and thoroughly enjoy watching their ranges develop.

BFL: Your favourite fashion item right now?

Emma: Its not an item but I am loving the Balayage look right now. I still consider a hair do as fashion and I love the casual look that balayage gives. Or...J Brand boot leg jeans in dark denim - Amazing!!! They make  your pins look superb.