Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We chat with Nationwide News Reporter, Caroline Marcus from Sunday Telegraph

BFL: How do you start your day?

Caroline: ‘I’d love to say with gentle yoga and meditation, followed by a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon and homemade organic vegetable juice. But the truth is, I hit the snooze button one too many times and check my Twitter feed (it’s where news breaks first these days) and work email before I even get out of bed. I then read the Telegraph while scoffing cereal and alternating madly between the breakfast TV shows. I switch between AM and FM radio in the car on the way to work. When I get to the newsroom, I scan the rest of the Sydney newspapers and check international news sites. Did I mention I’m a bit of a news junkie?'

BFL: How do you juggle your life as a reporter?

'It’s more about fitting the rest of my life around being a news reporter, but I think I achieve a pretty good balance. I work Saturdays and public holidays, so my friends know I’m not going to be available for all social occasions. Most also realise even if I commit to something, my RSVP comes with a disclaimer that I could be sent on an away assignment at the last minute.
But life can’t be all about work so I make sure I do spend quality time
with my family, friends and boyfriend. I exercise with a good friend who is a personal trainer and go to dance classes to keep fit, otherwise I
wouldn’t have the energy to do my job.'

BFL: Your most loved beauty products?

'I like to look groomed, so I’m big on make-up. Foundation, bronzer, blush, black kohl, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick are all part of my daily arsenal. I’m fanatical about lip balm and I’ve got a new organic honey and paw paw one I’m particularly fond of. But I’m very simple when it comes to my skincare routine - just some inexpensive, non-soap facial cleanser.
For events, I’m partial to a spray tan and strip lashes for a bit of drama.'

BFL: Favourite fashion item right now?

'I have an unhealthy obsession with my man-style, rose gold watch, and I found a stunning black ostrich feather jacket on the internet a couple of weeks ago. It’s so gorgeous, I can overlook the fact it moults
everywhere and makes my bedroom resemble the scene of an avian massacre.
But my go-to winter item has got to be the fox fur coat I scored at the Salvo's about seven years ago for $30. Best. Buy. Ever.'

BFL: What are you most passionate about?

'Journalism is up there, obviously. I get a kick out of breaking news, finding exclusives and telling fascinating stories. I’m passionate about social justice, so it’s fulfilling to have the opportunity to help people who have been wronged. I’m also a proud feminist and vocal about women being treated fairly and with respect.'

BFL: Who inspires you?

'Strong women in my field inspire me and there is no shortage of them. I count Mia Freedman, Caroline Overington, Miranda Devine (I may not always agree with her columns but I respect how she speaks her mind), Liz Hayes and Lisa Wilkinson among my role models.'

BFL: Most inspiring "Hollywood Glamour” celebrity?

'She’s not exactly Hollywood (although she does live in LA) but I love Victoria Beckham’s style. She always looks glamorous and 
well put-together.
Over the past few years, she's transformed herself from trashy, 
hotpants-wearing WAG into a demure, credible fashion designer. 
A vast improvement.'

Copywriting: Clare Carlin